TUMEDIO and DIGITAL expansion

We have some good news for you. At TuMedio , we work every day, despite all challenges we are living, to offer top-notch technology to our advertisers and clients, to enable more effective communication campaigns when reaching their target audience.

Thanks to our partnership agreements with the main car parking operators , experts in developing urban mobillity solutions , like SABA and EMPARK, TUMEDIO was turn #1 in digital network in car parks in Spain, regarding both the number of digital screens but also for number of locations. Every screen is strategically located in zones with high traffic level for both cars and other users.


A total of 315 digital screens distributed in the most relevant cities: : Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, San Sebastián...

Any slot last for 10 seconds to display video, static image or image animation. On top of that, it is allowed to change creativity whenever you prefer. We offer multiple options, with possibility to segment by city, type of population, number of screens… You can count on our advisory to define segmentation variables accordingly with the campaign objectives.

With an audience composed by + 50 million people per year, it is a competitive economic and effective alternative to any communication.

Are you looking for alternative ways to reach out to your audience? It is worthy to try, it works. Many of our clients have tried before and have repeated.